3 Reasons Not To Use Technology in Education

Technology is one of the buzzwords surrounding education these days. Every administrator wants teachers to use more technology. But, is technology always a good thing? Many people in the field of education want to lead us to believe that. It seems that people believe that as long as a teacher is using technology, they must be doing something great. But, maybe that isn’t always true.

Now, I may be leading you to believe that I am not a fan of technology; however, nothing could be farther from the truth. I live technology. But, there are some very valid reasons not to use technology in education.

1.  Don’t use technology ONLY for students to consume.

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How Do I Create A PowerPoint?

You are probably here because you don’t know how to create a PowerPoint and you would like to learn.  You may think it’s a long, complicated task.  But, I’m here to show you how easy it can be to create awesome PowerPoint presentations that actually grab the interest of your audience instead of turning them off.

Before you can learn how to create a PowerPoint, it is helpful to look at some things you should never do when creating PowerPoints.  In the field of education, many people push PowerPoints as a great way to include technology into your lesson.  That’s true as long as you do it correctly.  (It’s also true that it’s a great way to have students produce their own technology products, as long as you teach them how to do it correct, as well.)

Have you ever sat through a school staff meeting and thought you would ABSOLUTELY DIE before the PowerPoint presentation was over?  (Click the PowerPoints for Education below to continue.)